Frequently Asked Questions


How soon can I book my first holiday?

Your membership will be activated 14 days after you have completed final payment for your membership. Discovery Platinum will be happy to accept any booking request from this time.

How are booking made?

When you are ready to book a holiday, all you need to do is contact our reservation team. This can be done one on one by calling 1800 724 476 (AUST) or emailing to Your request will be processed quickly and completely and an itinerary of your reservation will be provided to you for your stay.

Will Discovery Platinum be able to help us with other travel details such as airfares, transfers and tours?

Yes. Our reservation team is part of a large fully accredited travel agency located on the Gold Coast. They can provide any travel details at competitive prices.

What will my bookings look like when they are delivered?

Each resort will have its own detailed website and we will provide a complete reservation for each stay. You will have more than enough information to ensure your accommodation is easily found and with the amenities that you require.

Can I take non family members along with us on the holidays? 

Yes. You can take who you like along with you on your holiday. We do require you to bring your partner or spouse if you are married or in a de facto relationship. Each listing of accommodation describes the maximum occupancy and room configuration for your stay.

Can I extend my holidays for a longer stay or add additional rooms?

Yes, our reservationists are happy to contact the resorts and get the best rates for additional nights/rooms for you.

How far in advance can I book?

We are happy to process any request for bookings. If you are wanting to book in school holidays your request should be placed as early as possible. Bonus week accommodation can be booked up to 8 weeks prior to the date of travel.